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7 Easy Tips To Go Green With Non-toxic Bedding Accessories and Interiors

by Vidya Sury March 2, 2020 8 comments
Did you know you can go green with Non-toxic Bedding Accessories and Interiors

Did you know you can go green with Non-toxic Bedding Accessories and Interiors?

I didn’t. I mean I know ways to go green and I am trying my best to practice eco-friendly living, but I did not know you could do it with non-toxic bedding accessories and interiors.

Of course, we all know that a good night’s sleep is crucial if you want to wake up and make the day productive. Sadly, most of us don’t really do anything special to make our night peaceful and relaxing. After chasing deadlines and other must-dos the whole day, all we want to do is grab that meal, unwind for a bit and drop off to sleep.

A non-toxic eco-friendly environment can soothe our minds and comfort us after a tiring day. We can create this ambiance by adding live plants and organic bedding options. I know that we get nontoxic wall paint now. But we can also achieve this through changing the furniture, rugs, mattress and other accessories in the room.

I am in the middle of spring-cleaning the bed room and am shocked at all the non-essentials stashed away. Tiring, but worth the effort to clean. I am determined to make my bedroom a cozy retreat after a busy day. Strangely, it was all the travel last month that inspired me to get into this cleaning spree and make changes.

7 Easy Tips To Go Green With Non-toxic Bedding Accessories and Interiors

In my reorganizing, I found there are 7 immediate ways I can go green with non-toxic bedding accessories and interiors.

A wooden bed

I think we might most probably have to invest in a new bed. The one we have is more than 18 years old and is due for an upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised to find that wooden furniture is trending and quite popular in the interior designing circles. It can be affordable, long-lasting and most of all, it is eco-friendly. Sheesham wood is the most popular in India as it is a hardwood and results in durability. The natural grain in the wood makes the furniture look quite beautiful.

For wooden bed frames Sheesham wood is extensively used as it is strong and termite-resistant. These days, there are beds with storage, cabinets, etc. which is appealing. Other furniture in the room should preferably kept to a minimum, I am thinking. So I am looking with approval at my wooden dressing table and closet—and cabinet which holds books and other knick-knacks. All this furniture is recyclable and environmentally-friendly. We have a built-in set of shelves as well for extra storage. No TV in the bedroom—in fact, we do not encourage any electronics in this space.

Since we approach our bedroom as a safe place to rest, the next thing is to look for non-toxic bedding options—mattresses and pillows.

Non-toxic bedding Mattress and Pillows

Our current bed is sagging a bit and before it builds up into a constant backache, we have to upgrade it. I had no idea that mattresses can contain a certain amount of chemicals and release toxic substances which exit from the foams, glues, pesticides, fire-retardant materials, and chemicals added to prevent staining, etc.  Also, just because it is labelled natural does not mean it is completely free from chemical substances and treatments at the time of manufacture.

Ideally, a natural mattress should be made of materials sourced from 100% natural resources like cotton, wool, bamboo or hemp. A healthy and affordable alternative for natural bed are the futons made from organic substances. Other organic bedding options are down-filled pillows, cotton bed sheets, wool blankets, and duvets. I think once we get our non-toxic bedding we’ll be closer to going green.

Non-toxic Paint

I enjoy painting my walls to keep them fresh and add some change affordably. Fortunately, we get non-toxic paint. According to my local hardware and paints store guy, it is important to find out the components of the paint and pick from a low or no VOC paint. This will not only offer safety from the toxic substances. I am also glad it keeps those workers in the manufacturing units safe!

Natural Rugs

I am not a huge fan of carpets—if only because of the maintenance bit. They are dust magnets and pollute the air, and with my folks being prone to respiratory issues, I prefer to avoid using them. However, I hear there are healthy carpet options available –made from natural fibers like seagrass, sisal, and wool.

Wool is 100% non-toxic, comfortable and highly durable. Sisal rugs are another alternative for the green-carpet revolution. They are economical and long-lasting. Natural rugs can bring positive energy—best to go in for soothing colors and soft textures to feel cozy.

Some greenery to liven up the space

Once done with the non-toxic bedding, pillows, paint and rugs, an easy way to create an eco-friendly environment in a spacious bedroom with ample natural light, keep a leafy plant or bamboo palm. If there isn’t much natural light, succulents, pothos and snake plants are suitable. They have a calming effect on the environment while purifying the indoor air and maintain air quality.

Organic Screens

Curtains! Definitely need them. A lovely pair of curtains in the bedroom can have a positive impact on your sleep. Especially if you live in a building in a busy area with traffic as I do, streetlights are a given. This can hinder sleep. This can be easily managed with a light blocking screen made of organic materials and natural textiles that can keep the room cool in summer and cozy in winter. And such a nice choice of colors and textures available!

Other Add-Ons

Once you’ve set up everything, it is time to make it even more personal. Here are two of my favorites:

Fragrant oils and candles

Essential oils can transform the ambiance of the room bringing peace and calm, helping you gently let go of the day’s fatigue. Different fragrances have different benefits—while some help you sleep, some just relax you and bring your mind to a serene state.  Look for your favorite scents and diffuse them in your space for a wonderfully Zen feeling.


A cup of herbal tea can be most soothing and relieve stress. Try tea meditation before you sink into your non-toxic bedding and let the tiredness of the day seep away.

There are several brands offering organic and non-toxic bedding and accessories such as mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, throws, linen, blankets, and more. Explore these options. Go in for breathable materials when you choose your night clothes, as they’re in close contact with your skin.

Isn’t it amazing that we can choose to draw comfort from everything we have around us in the bedroom and also the rest of our home? On the topic of green living, we can also use natural and eco-friendly washing soaps to keep our linen soft.

I can tell you that mattress shopping is an overwhelming experience—fortunately we can do all our research online before narrowing down our options. These days there are mattress manufacturers who offer the option 100-day risk-free trials so you can actually experience the product before you invest in it. If you don’t like it, you can return it.

I am all set to go green and live eco-friendly with non-toxic bedding and other accessories to sleep better and live healthier.

What about you?


7 ways to ensure your bedroom is healthy and get a good nights sleep

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Richa MIna March 3, 2020 at 2:32 pm

these are just the things in my bedroom too except the organic paint. mine is Asian paint which i think is not organic. i love indoor plants and cotton floor mat, i hope I’m living in a nearly organic bedroom
Richa MIna recently posted…Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Sunita Saldhana March 3, 2020 at 4:58 pm

This was a lovely post and a timely one for me as I am in the process of doing up my bed room.
Sunita Saldhana recently posted…Artist’s Date #2 : Projector Film Club, Thane

Rajlakshmi March 4, 2020 at 12:37 pm

I actually admire how our parents always used natural fibre and natural materials to make furniture and other household items instead of using temporary plastic stuff that we currently use. The fast fashion industry is ruining our planet. I see now why my mom always insisted on buying clothes and bedsheets made from cotton. This is a great message Vidya. We all should do our part to save our environment
Rajlakshmi recently posted…Postpartum Fitness progress – Building a strong core

Ryan K Biddulph March 16, 2020 at 10:39 pm

I love that idea of tea meditation, Vidya. Good for the heart and soul. Been drinking 1 cup of green tea after my evening and morning fast daily. I just began this ritual last week. Fun experience and relaxing, too.

Ryan K Biddulph recently posted…How I Built 600 Backlinks in 9 Days

Vidya Sury March 17, 2020 at 11:48 am

Thank you Ryan! Enjoying my tea or coffee is a sacred time for me–both by myself and with my family! Green tea is being recommended as a healthy drink these days. Have you tried Matcha tea?

Tepco India September 28, 2020 at 1:25 pm

It is great blog post. Helpful and Informative tips. I am always read your blog. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information with us.

Sophie Turner January 11, 2021 at 11:10 pm

These are some great tips! And you’ve got it right; it makes a massive difference. Choosing the right Steam Cleaner For Mattress can be pretty tricky, but this guide made it a lot simpler! Thank you so much for writing; this was helpful!

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