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    What I learned from trying to deal with a clogged drain

    Clogged drain? Here are five mistakes to avoid while drain cleaning. #draincleaning #cloggeddrain #DIY #plumbing

    We have had our share of seepages and other annoying things that are part of living, especially in an apartment complex. And if there’s one thing that’s terrifying for a homeowner—or even someone in a rented home—it is a clogged drain, indoors or outdoors. We enjoy our living space, but it’s simply a fact of life that dead skin, soap and a host of other items go down the drain; eventually, the residue builds up and prevents anything from moving.…

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    Getting to know Maggi better

    Getting to know MAGGI better I first met MAGGI at the ripe old age of 19—they entered India in 1982. Of course my folks wouldn’t dream of buying it, but luckily,…

  • Growing old is hard to do Vidya Sury
    Healthy Living

    Growing Old is Hard to Do

    I’ve always believed that age is but a mere number, and what really matters is one’s attitude. However, every once in a while something happens to nudge that belief, just a…

  • Will you take the pledge with me to live a healthy life? Vidya Sury
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    7 easy tips to ensure a healthy life

    Does the Juggler in the circus remind you of somebody, maybe your mother, your sister, or—gasp!—perhaps even you? But unlike the juggler who tries to keep all the balls in the…