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10 Interesting Things to See in Dubai

Ten interesting things to see in Dubai

Dubai has been on my must-see travel destinations for years—nope—decades. Right from the time I got a job offer there that I had to decline, to all the occasions when friends moved there to settle. Yes, they’ve been inviting me to visit and enticing me with interesting things to see in Dubai, but somehow, the trip has just not happened. We’ve made trips to farther away places but Dubai, in spite of being so accessible and just a 4-hour flight…

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The Joy of giving
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Joy of Giving

It’s the joy of giving week, Daan Utsav, India’s festival of giving, celebrated every year from October 2-8. In keeping with the theme, I thought I’d share a sweet story attributed to actor Katharine Hepburn shared with me by…