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15 years blogging and Smiles to go before I sleep

15 years blogging and smiles to go before I sleep #blogging #smiles

So many things happening over the past week. The Dalai Lama turned 83 This blog turned 15 My health blog turned 10 From the time I began my career, July has always been a significant month– new job, major life changes. I brainstormed with myself over what to write, mainly because I haven’t really written anniversary posts–except last year. Somehow 14 seemed significant and I wrote: 14 Cherished Gifts from 14 Years of Blogging 14 cherished gifts from 14 years…

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Zee Classic’s tribute ‘Prem Nath Film Festival’ on Prem Nath’s 25th death anniversary #AmarPremNath

Watch Amar Prem Nath, a tribute by Zee Classic

As any child of the sixties—like me—will attest, one of our most exciting, and biggest sources of entertainment was going to the movies. We’d plan days ahead and try to get that first-day-first-show if it was a favorite star…