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    Can one month of joy change your entire life? #thejoyplan @kaiaroman

    Can one month of joy change your entire life? #thejoyplan

    If you found that question a little difficult to answer spontaneously, Kaia Roman’ book “The Joy Plan: How I Took 30 Days to Stop Worrying, Quit Complaining, and Find Ridiculous Happiness” is here to steer you towards a resounding “YES” Yes, we are talking about long-term happiness here. The Joy Plan chronicles the author’s deliberate plan to cultivate joy in thirty days—a plan she grabbed onto like a life raft when she faced a devastating failure and didn’t know how to move…

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  • Book Review Her Secret Husband Sundari Venkataraman
    Book Review

    Her Secret Husband @sundarivenkat

    This is my book review of “Her Secret Husband” by Sundari Venkataraman, Book #3 in her delightful Marriages Made in Heaven series. Format: Kindle Edition Genre: Romance File Size: 1551 KB…

  • The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman Book Review
    Book Review

    The Smitten Husband by @sundarivenkat

    Any book of best-selling author Sundari Venkatraman is guaranteed to be feel-good, even if there are tense situations along the way. The Smitten Husband was a quick and cozy afternoon read on…

  • 0302 mainak dhar book review vidya sury
    Book Review

    03:02 by @MainakDhar

    Feeling a little overwhelmed with my to-do list, I indulged in a wee bit of self-pity yesterday. I missed my Mom more intensely than ever, because she had a wonderful way…