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Of books, bookshelves and nostalgic memories

Of books, bookshelves and nostalgic memories

“What do you want for your birthday?” This is a delightful question I go crazy answering every year. Depending on who it is coming from, the answers naturally vary. Usually, my first thought is—I have everything. What could I possibly want? This is a good thing, and my Mom thought it was a great attitude. But after that first thought, there is always a jumble of thoughts flooding in. Lots of people have asked me this question over the years,…

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happiness vidya sury

Of Wishlists and Happiness #AbHarWishHogiPoori

Don’t you just love that video? I did! I enjoyed the “wish chain” going around, spreading smiles on each recipient’s face. Makes me believe all the more in a “connected” world, a world connected by love. You know my…

inspiring quotes on reading books vidya sury
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes on Reading Books

I love books. I am obsessed with reading. I hope that until my last breath, I am busy trying to finish at least three books. Yes – I read at least three at a time. Gives me such a…

smiling vidya sury

Smiling From Year To Year #MicroblogMondays

Yesterday was Vidur’s 17th birthday. I am blessed to be his Mom. While the cliche that parenting can be a challenge is not untrue, I have to say that children teach us some solid lessons in parenting, even as…