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Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi Ideas

Ecofriendly ganesha immersion Vidya Sury

We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. (Visit the link for the story of Ganesha). As usual, the deity who says no entry for obstacles has brought with him a deluge of rains, which is no surprise as we are also in the middle of monsoons. During my childhood, Ganesh Chaturthi was awaited with joy by the whole family. It was the harbinger of the festival season, which is practically the rest of the year. Although, in all fairness, it is Krishna Jayanthi…

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celebrate vidya sury


Celebrate the little things Dear Vidur, If you were to ask me what my favorite quote is, I would probably pick this one “Celebrate the little things in life“. This is something your Grandma always encouraged me to do.…

Vidya Sury
Gratitude Reflections

Walking On Sunshine

Yes, I am walking on sunshine, even if it is raining where I live. First off, a huge round of applause to all of you who contributed to the “Happiness is Celebrating with you” post. Each one’s take on…