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7 Ways to Make Time for Family Time

7 ways to make time for family time #family #time #relationships

“We just don’t get enough time with each other!” “There’s so much school work for the kids–and we carry our own work home. Where’s the time to talk?” “How I wish we could at least have an hour together” “By the time I am back home, I am so tired” Sounds familiar? Hectic lifestyles, too much to do and too little time, and exhaustion plain and simple can easily get in the way of having fun together as a family.…

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my scoops of joy
Gratitude Happiness Relationships

Little Scoops Of Joy

I have an unlimited supply of joy. They come in scoops from little angels.. When I don’t see one of these angels I get all worked up. Remember this post where I mentioned a little girl, a second grader…

Stress relief tips from Vidya Sury

When Children Need Freedom From Stress

The hottest topic today among the parents of school going children, especially those in high school is related to stress relief.  This prompted the latest topic for my parenting post over at Parentous. Stress is a healthy and natural…

Why children need chores

Children, Chores and Confidence

As a child, I grew up in a joint family in a household with seven family members, three constant house-guests and visitors all the time. I used to have Thursdays and Sundays off from school, besides a half day…