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Brewed Awakening #InternationalCoffeeDay

Happy International Coffee Day! Today, October 1, is the first official International Coffee Day to celebrate this divine beverage. Although, who needs a special day to celebrate coffee?  “To an old man a cup of coffee is like the…

vidya sury food tales

Food Tales That Never Fade

Some Food Tales just never fade, do they?  The year was 2001. I like to call it the decade of the guests. Our house was quite like Liberty Hall. We always had a house guest or two. Or three,…

coffee for vidya sury

Coffee Solves Everything #HowWeMet

Dear Coffee, Good things happen when we get together. Remember how we met? Oh, I know you’ve ruled our family from the beginning of time – but I am talking about how you and I met. The year was…

coffee vidya sury

What Is Your Coffee Personality?

I just love coffee. That’s not news, is it? I even mention it in my bio everywhere – that’s how important coffee is, in my life. I even included it in my #WhatTheBlack post listing the 5 black things…


Coffee Quotes, Notes and Memories

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. Coffee Quotes – Jessi Lane Adams As I jotted down ideas over the last couple of weeks to facilitate posting through the AtoZChallenge (26 posts in April for 26 days except Sundays), I…