Black is one of my favorite colors. When I saw an email from BlogAdda inviting bloggers to participate in the WhatTheBlack contest and Expect the Unexpected experience, I thought, hey, what fun. I wrote my post for the WhatTheBlack contest and then, also applied for the “Expect the Unexpected experience” which involved receiving a mystery package every day for four days and sharing it on social media every day and finally, blogging about it. Now, I am old-fashioned when it comes to letters and parcels and the thought of looking forward to a package every day had me thrilled. WhatTheBlack Experience And so, Day 1 arrived on July 30 and one could touch the frenzy on Twitter as everyone speculated WhatTheBlack was going on and what day 1’s parcel would bring. Imagine our curiosity when this arrived Such a small box? What could it be? I couldn’t wait to open…

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