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5 solid reasons why your teen needs a cell phone

5 solid reasons why your teen needs a cell phone #parenting #technology

Even in this digital parenting age, knowing the right time to get a phone for your teen is a challenge. Naturally, there is the worry about the responsibility and whether your child is ready for it. Then, of course, there’s the lurking worry that your teen will run up a massive phone bill—which she probably will! You end up sitting on the fence wondering whether you should really buy her a cellphone and if yes, you want to make sure…

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When Technology is Good For Families

I have the pleasure of welcoming my friend Amy today with a very relevant post for today’s digital parenting era where even a TV can be turned into a parenting gadget. The truth is, not all technology is bad. We just…

Vidya Sury Protect your kids online

Protecting Your Kids Online

It happens to even the most savvy of web surfers. We type in something that seems totally innocuous or click on a link that looks like it would be safe in any other universe, and suddenly we’re inundated with…

digital parenting vidya sury

Are You A Digital Parent?

Following my post about cybersecurity and cyberbullying, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about my own journey in digital parenting as my son got acquainted with the computer. Yes, the Internet is a big bad wolf. And kids…

to a chlld love is spelled time

To A Child Love is spelled TIME

To a child Love is spelled TIME Vaishali is a 9 year old girl. Her parents are Sheela and Raj. Both are highflyers in corporate jobs. Vaishali was an unplanned child.When they got married, they had no plans of…