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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Do you find time to smile? (super easy 4-step exercise)

Do you find time to smile

Do you find time to smile? When was the last time you smiled spontaneously? Seriously. Can you remember the last time you smiled? Or did something just because it made you smile? If you’re thinking hard, trying to recall, it is time to find time to smile! I’ve got a short 4-step exercise for you. The aim of this exercise is to help you find room in your hectic schedule for tiny but powerful doses of bliss.   4-step exercise…

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Flawsome but awesome and loving it
Gratitude Mindful Living

Flawsome but Awesome and loving it!

September was flawsome yet awesome–a nice mixed month with fulfilling work in progress, connections with wonderful people, travel – some stress and the usual. Besides work, I spent quite a bit of time offline hanging out with my friends,…