first time


Summer. Holidays. Time outdoors, barbecues, picnics, hitching up that tent and sleeping under the stars. For some kids, the possibility of summer camp, probably for the first time. Summer camps are a great way to learn to be independent and develop self-confidence. Now, while the anticipation is fun and the thought of spending time with friends is exciting, the thought of leaving home, not so much! In fact, it can be downright scary–both for parents as well as the kids, especially if it is the first time. Letting go is never easy and when fear raises its creepy head, it can be even worse. You are probably thinking of that first day at school when your heart turned to mush as you saw her walk away. I certainly cried all the way home after I dropped my son off at playschool, while he happily toddled away, holding the teacher’s hand.…

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