friday reflections


This is not a photo of just a gorgeous brass lamp burning. It is the picture of hope, love, peace and soothing thoughts and… memories. The first thing I do every morning is light this lamp and have a chat with the Almighty Gang. It includes Gods and Goddesses I grew up with, and I consider them my friends who love me unconditionally and listen. By the time I am finished praying for my family, friends and the people who are yet to come into my life, I’ve reached a happy state of mind. I am ready to begin my day with a smile. And of course, I am totally ready, oh so ready for my first cup of coffee. Very sacred moment, that! When I look at this picture, I see my Mom in our little prayer room, admiring my flower arrangement, inhaling the fragrance of the jasmine and…

I am sad. A dear friend has passed away. I called her to confirm our date this week and it broke my heart to hear her son’s voice tell me that his mother was no more. Then her Mother’s sobs on the phone, mirroring mine. I am struggling to come to grips with the news, along with the news of another close friend’s passing just a couple of weeks ago. I am trying hard to get on with my routine. Really hard. Because I’ve made commitments I must keep and because no matter what, life goes on. I thought it would do me good to ask myself “Did you smile today?” for a change. My eyes are all cried out. I walked longer than usual today. I know life has to and will go on. A little later, while browsing my Bloglovin’ feed I saw my friend Janine’s post “30…

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