As a child of the 60s I can safely say that I never ever imagined how much technology would rule our lives. I mean, even when we did fantasize about the future, it was nothing like this. Sure I thought of magic carpets (which by the way is now reality, so there!), teleportation (not sure yet…let’s ask Jeff Goldblum in The Fly shall we?), a washing machine that not only dries 100% but also folds and puts away the clothes. Yes, a girl can dream, can’t she? I know I can. Well, dreams do come true – as I would be the first to admit. Who would have thought that we could stay connected 24 x 7 with something called the internet and smartphones? I didn’t – because I lived in an era that involved heading out, warmly wrapped, at 11 pm at night to the STD phone booth down the…

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