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Book Review

The Giving Way To Happiness by @jennysanti

The Giving Way to Happiness Jenny Santi

The concept that happiness lies in giving is nothing new. But then, it is also true that we need constant reminders of age-old wisdom, and the practices that are guaranteed to make us happy. One of the absolutely surefire paths to true happiness lies in giving–it fills both the giver and the recipient with joy. Giving is definitely the most emotionally and psychologically fulfilling act in life. By giving, we feel better, especially when we’re sad, or unhappy. Giving lifts…

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vidya sury giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday. A Day Tue Give

It is Giving Tuesday! After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what a relief to dedicate a day to Giving! Giving Tuesday …a simple idea where you find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization…