gratitude jar


Starting a Gratitude Journal will transform your life and I am about to give you a  step by step guide on how you can do it. Gratitude is a powerful attitude. I wrote my first gratitude list when I was a little girl. My Mom always kept me occupied with all sorts of writing prompts and exercises. Well, besides playing with my one doll, books, chores, and craft work, not much else to focus my hyper-energy on. My first gratitude journal was our floor at home. As a joint family that occupied the second floor of our building, we had a largish uncluttered home (no ceiling fans, no refrigerator, no TV—this was the 60s). Big windows with window sills—many cozy spots for reading. Plenty of chalk to write with, on our beautiful red oxide floor. Besides drawing on this vast canvas, I also did my writing practice on the floor.…

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