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Growing Old is Hard to Do

Growing old is hard to do Vidya Sury

I’ve always believed that age is but a mere number, and what really matters is one’s attitude. However, every once in a while something happens to nudge that belief, just a little. After all, the truth is, as the years pass, we do age and everyone gets there sooner or later. We just returned from a trip and realized we didn’t have the stamina we had five years ago. Yep, it isn’t easy to accept the fact that growing old…

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Milestones We Face in this Wonderful Journey through Life

Life, Milestones and the 7 year cycle concept

I was listening to a song titled “Place in this world”(Michael W Smith) and that got me thinking. I mean, I’ve been listening to this song for decades now and it is somehow on my anytime playlist. I like…

Growing Up moving on Vidya Sury

Growing Up Moving On

Children are great teachers. They can teach us some great lessons about growing up and moving on. Each time I talk to a child, I learn something vital. They feed the mind, soothe the brain. And of course, laughter…