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3 Simple Steps to Help You Let Go with More Ease

3 Simple Steps to Help You Let Go with More Ease #letgo #selfhelp #mindfulness

As we rush through life trying desperately to cross things off our ever-growing to-do list, we need to take time to pause, catch our breath, and take stock. We have to realize that we must stop being that man on the horse. Perhaps we could even recognize that to be truly happy, we might have to let go–of things, habits, people. However, as much as the idea of letting go is appealing, it isn’t easy. I am happy to welcome…

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The miracle of place guilie castillo oriard

The Miracle of Place @Guilie73

As promised yesterday, I am thrilled to welcome my friend and fabulous writer, Guilie, back here to celebrate her love story as part of her new book launch tour. More info at the end of this post – and please…

embracing my health vidya sury

Embracing My Health Challenge

Last week, Janine Ripper was kind enough to invite me to guest post on her blog “Reflections from a Redhead” in her “life change artist series”. If someone were to tell me that they cried when they were diagnosed…

greeting card DIY vidya sury
DIY The Red Carpet

Greeting Card DIY With Birgit

I love DIY. I believe it helps me grow my soul. There’s something else that touches my soul and that is people who give, without expecting anything in return. I am privileged that so many of them touch my…