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    14 cherished gifts from 14 years of blogging

    14 gifts I cherish from 14 years of blogging Vidya Sury

    Fourteen years ago, 8 July marked the birth of this blog. Today, I am ecstatic about still being here. Oh yes, “consistency” has always been my middle name…among others. As any blogger will attest, blogging is pure joy. Lots to learn, enjoy, and experience. Thing is, I haven’t always written anniversary posts. Somehow, this year felt like a big milestone. So, as I pondered exactly what to focus on for this anniversary post, I brainstormed inside my head. I also…

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  • More than enough
    positive thinking Reflections

    More Than Enough

    I turned 50 on Sept 27. As I sat back figuratively (and literally) I took stock. First of all, just the thought that I was now 50 was amazing. It doesn’t…