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Hugger Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

STOP. Just breathe. Hugger Tree. #Trees #Nature #ForestBathing

Stand tall and proud, Go out on a limb, Remember your roots, Drink plenty of water, Be content with your natural beauty, and enjoy the view. So many lessons to learn from trees, eh? And what excellent advice. Here is a tree that seems to be living it. There are tree huggers. But I like to call this one the Hugger Tree. I’ve been watching this tree for almost eighteen years now and every time I see it, it always…

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World Hug Day Vidya Sury

Hug and be happy

It is World Hug Day! And no one can deny how wonderful it feels to be hugged – at least occasionally. I have a couple of friends who totally veto hugs, but even they, on occasion, enjoy it. After…

Hugging Meditation. Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

Hugging Meditation

I am writing this between fevers and yes, I am always amazed over the clarity that sweeps in at this time. Probably because I know this window is shortlived. The ‘flu is like that. One has to go through…