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How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Reclaim Your Inner Peace

How to stop feeling guilty and reclaim your inner peace

Does guilt hold you back from reaching your potential? it’s time to stop feeling guilty and reclaim your inner peace! If there is one thing that imprisons most of us from reaching our goals, it has to be feelings of guilt and the “I am not good enough” mentality steadily built over the course of our lives. These feelings do a great job of sabotaging everything we set out to do, everything we hope for.  If we continue to harbor…

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Have you found your sanctuary yet
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Have You Found Your Sanctuary Yet?

“Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Herman Hesse I love the word “sanctuary”. Sanctuary describes a cozy and comfortable place where we can go, relax, ditching…

Gratitude Circle. Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything. Vidya Sury

What Really Matters #GratitudeCircle

So, if I thought last month was a big wake up call, this month brought an even greater jolt. I mentally beat myself up and felt a lot better. It also helped to rant to my friend. I know life…