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How To Cope with Teen Depression – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment – How Parents Can Help

How to cope with teen depression recognizing the signs

The teen years are filled with social, emotional and mental challenges with pressure to fit in with peers while keeping on top of academic performance. Unrealistic expectations both at school and at home can create a sense of inadequacy and disappointment, and lead to the feeling that life is unfair. Add to all this, the information overload via the Internet does not help. Becoming moody is common while experiencing growing pains. But teen depression is more than being moody and…

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Why every parent should consider STEM toys for their children and the benefits of STEM toys for children

How to inspire children through play with STEM toys

STEM toys and STEM education are very popular in today’s competitive world and help encourage kids to develop skills in the core disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Playtime is not what it used to be. Let’s face…