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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

What is on your menu? #WednesdayWisdom

Menu. What's on yours? #WednesdayWisdom

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is all about meal planning. Meal planning—at least for me—is fun. I love to make a food time-table for the week. As I work from home, this is sensible as it helps me organize my grocery lists and shopping. It helps me manage my time better when I plan. There are enough distractions when working from home without the “what to eat” challenge at mealtimes. Also, being a diabetic, my menu is one of my precious tools…

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Unplugged is my new luxury. I am grateful #Gratitude #mindfulness #inspiration
gratitude Mindful Living

Unplugged and Grateful #GratitudeCircle

Unplugged. Grateful. Happy. Sounds blissful, right? It did, to me…but only after I accepted the unplugged part. And only after I was convinced that all almost devices and the Internet are conspiring against me. The past month, I made…

The Zen of being a dog--It's about the dog. The dog book blog tour #Zen #dogs
#AtoZChallenge Mindful Living

The Zen of Being More Dog

Man’s best friend. Unconditional love. Health booster. Cuddles. Love. Patient. Playful. Loving. Fun. Happiness. That’s what comes to my mind when I think of dogs. So much we can learn from them. And none better than my dear friend…

How my son taught me to be a better mother #parenting

How My Son Taught Me To Be A Better Mother

I was 34 when I became a mother. I’ve always loved children—still do—and have been voted the go-to babysitter of choice wherever I lived. However, all this did not prepare me for motherhood. Oh, of course I try being…