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    Open to Abundance #GratitudeCircle

    Open to abundance #gratitudeCircle

    It is the end of the year and I am torn between doing a wrap up post and mentioning only things that happened in December. The wrap up won over because December IS a time for reflection and we do tend to think back–and of course, forward. So if my post is a bit half-hazard, please bear with me. I just decided to free write as the words flowed. I will try and keep it short by setting a timer.…

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  • Gratitude must be part magic, for when I fill my heart with gratitude, anything is possible

    Gratitude Is My Magic Potion

    I know I am a bit late for the September Gratitude Circle (28 Sept) and National Coffee day (29 Sept) but I am right on time for International Coffee Day—1 Oct—which…