make life easier


We’d all like to make life easier, right? Who likes complicated? Not me. Life is hectic enough, as it is. Whether or not we want it, there is an abundance of just about everything we can think of. As if that’s not enough, we’ve got information and “things” coming at us from all directions. These can be freebies, unnecessary snail mail (yes, I still get a load of it), that extra packaging when we order online (ugh!). Decluttering—or clutter clearing has become an ongoing process. If we’ve got work deadlines, this gets put off. And if you work from home, seeing stuff lying around can raise stress levels. Ask me about that! Once upon a time I used to be a fanatic about keeping the home spotless but all that went out the window over the years. What with mothering a growing and rather hyperactive kid and taking care of…

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