Pamela Fagan Hutchins


When I read Pamela Fagan Hutchin’s blog post announcing the launch of her books, my first thought was “Gosh, her blog posts are so funny. Imagine how her book must be! How do I get a copy?” Then, realizing I hadn’t read the entire post, I noticed she invited reviewers. Was this my lucky day or what? So I promptly offered to review. She asked me which book I wanted to review. I said “any” when I actually meant “all”. Anyway, pretty Pamela promptly sent me “Puppalicious and Beyond: Life Outside the Center of the Universe”. And of course, I got right down to reading it. The moment I opened the pdf file, I was floored by the cover design. Charming. It isn’t that I judge a book by its cover, but I LOVE this style of illustration. Took me right back to all sorts of pleasant memories, and in…

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