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How to enjoy stress free travel with kids

During my childhood—we’re talking about the 60s—we usually traveled by train and bus. Joint families, traveling with kids. My Mom always made sure I carried a blank notebook to write down my experiences—essays about the trip. And that kept me focused mindfully on everything I saw and did. It also kept me happily occupied. I suspect that’s how I developed my love for travel! After my son was born, we traveled quite a bit and had some fantastic experiences. I…

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What the parenting books wont teach you . Vidya Sury

What the parenting books won’t teach you

Parenting is like a roller coaster ride – exciting, adventurous, fun punctuated with a healthy dose of nervousness. It is demanding, stressful and challenging. Most of us secretly worry about whether we’ll make a good parent the moment we…

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Turn Your TV Into a Parenting Gadget

Or how to get your child to focus by saying yes to TV! There’s something about kids that’s both delightful and frustrating! Like it or not, Moms and dads have no choice but to look to some type of technology…