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A Lesson In Patience

patience vidya sury

Our area is always a pleasure to walk around. We find all sorts of interesting things to see. Last week, I walked to the lab for my tests and on the way, was stunned to see lots of massive Ganesha idols. Left overs from the festival we had in September. I felt a little sad to see so many had been made and weren’t sold. And now, they are so huge, difficult to store and they’re just sitting by the…

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Sand Sculptures Vidya Sury

Sand Art

Today, I am taking you on a short walk along the Metro Art Center on M G Road. This entire stretch is a delight to stroll across, until we reach the Metro station. There are puppetry displays, sculptures, metal…

Vidya Sury Celebrating
Incredible India

Celebrating Art and My Cultural Roots

I had the most glorious weekend – it was a long weekend that started on Friday, in anticipation and ended on Sunday, in happiness. But let me begin at the beginning – because isn’t that a good place to…

Leather Puppetry Vidya Sury
Incredible India

Leather Puppetry An Ancient Indian Art Form

Yesterday when I opened the newspaper in the morning I was thrilled to see the 10-day crafts fair was back at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. I’d written about this last year around this time and we had resolved to…

Vidya Sury Measured in Memories (1)

Life Measured In Memories

Sometimes I think my life is measured in memories and I love it. My son’s still on vacation and we have a lot of time to “chill” together. It is an easy routine with him and we enjoy talking…