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11 positive approaches to raise healthy eaters

11 approaches to raise healthy eaters

How to raise healthy eaters is one of the hottest topics among parents. During my son’s school days, in my interactions with other parents, their most common complaints was about their children’s eating habits. Of course, everyone wanted to raise healthy kids with eating habits to match. Every parent wants to feed the family foods that are not just nutritious—but foods that the family enjoys and looks forward to meal times. And that’s not really the Holy Grail. I know…

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How to limit screen time for kids #parenting #kidshealth #screentime

6 Easy Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids

On a typical day, kids in the age group of 8-18 years enjoy at least 5 hours of screen time, sometimes more. Okay, usually more! Today, if we Google “kids screen time” there are hundreds of expert articles about…

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting and the Value of Discipline

I believe in positive parenting. When I wrote a post on the Joy of Compassionate Parenting at Parentous last month it seemed natural that the next thing I would focus on would be the value of discipline in positive…