Now, don’t be offended by the f-word. After all, it is a bodily function no one is immune to, right? You know how farts are formed. You eat a lot more than you meant to. Next up is indigestion. And before you know it, you are tooting away. Sometimes unable to control yourself in company, sometimes managing to do the sustained release thing, much to the disgust of all present. Okay, that’s not the Wednesday Wisdom you are here to take away, right? There IS such a thing as spiritual farts. I’ll explain. A Zen Buddhist student, Su Dongpo was known for his quick wit and humor. He was also self-disciplined and took his training seriously. His friend, Zen Master Foyin, lived across the river from him and they often enjoyed discussing Buddhism. One day, Su Dongpo wrote a poem. I bow my head to the heaven within heaven Hairline…

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