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Toggr Review #KeepChildrenSafe

Toggr Keeping Children Safe Everywhere

One of the prime concerns of every parent, especially working parents, is their child’s safety. Considering how hectic life is for children these days, parents are always anxious about their whereabouts. Children, after school, attend a series of tuition or hobby classes before they return home almost around dinner time, if then. I remember when I went to school, we didn’t even have a telephone at home. I walked to school and came right back. My folks thought twice about…

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3 Safety Tips for the Digital Age Vidya Sury

3 Safety Tips for the Digital Age

There was a time when home security meant having a good lock, a shotgun, and a bull mastiff named Jaws. Ha, ha! I am sure you’ll agree, considering the recent riots we have been going through because of a…