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11 Things You Should Care Less About To Be Truly Happy

11 things you should care less about if you want to be truly happy

This post is about focusing on the things that matter in life with a list of 11 things you should care less about, if you want to be truly happy. Pause for a moment from whatever you are doing. Have you noticed how you seem to be in your element when you stop worrying about the results and focus on your efforts? And then, there are times when your outcomes are amazing even though you haven’t slogged away, simply because…

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How to use the 100/0 Principle
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

How to use the 100/0 principle

I read this beautiful book titled “The 100/0 Principle” by Al Ritter whose premise is this: Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? Relationships are an integral part of our lives—at home, at work and…

Do you choose happiness
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Do you choose happiness?

Choose happiness. How many times have we been advised this? But there’s a point you know. Attitude is everything. We can wake up and say, oh, I can’t believe it is so cold! Or we can say, oh, wow,…

Do you enjoy your own company
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Do you enjoy your own company?

Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company. I enjoy interacting with people—but I also enjoy my own company. It is a wonderful feeling to spend time with myself, enjoying a sense of peace and silence…

Healing soul ulcers Wednesday Wisdom
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Healing Soul Ulcers

One of my favorite newsletters is from Brian Johnson of Optimize. In two of his recent newsletters, he talked about soul ulcers–referring to envy being the ulcer of the soul. The phrase “soul ulcers” stuck in my mind—along with…