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Nothing is permanent #GratitudeCircle

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” #GratitudeCircle #mindfulness

February, the shortest month of the year, somehow seemed like the longest. Yet, I’ll keep this post shorter than usual. This time, my mantra is, Nothing is permanent …because, this too, shall pass. Health woes continue to hug us. We spent the better part of the month being sick. In fact, we slept through our 21st wedding anniversary. We didn’t know what day it was–we were that sick. So grateful for the lovely poem our son wrote for us. It…

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No mud, No lotus. No rain, No flowers. #GratitudeCircle #mindfulness

No Mud, No Lotus #GratitudeCircle

Everything we experience makes us stronger in some way or other. When we have downs, the ups become even more precious. No Mud No Lotus. No rain, no flowers. I realize this every single day. Life is the biggest…

Gratitude #thanksgiving #gratitude #grateful

My Special Thanksgiving

I know we don’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving like they do in the US, but that needn’t stop us from saying “Thank You”. In 2008, it was Thank You, Time. Back in March 2009, I wrote “I know it is not…