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    If I had only listened!

    If I had only listened Vidya Sury

    Today, I have a very special guest with a lovely post. Her Mom and I have known each other for a few years now, and our friendship is a cozy one. Although we’re in touch via WhatsApp, Facebook, Texting and of course, the omnipresent phone calls, we do spend a lot of time in each other’s’ houses—sharing snacks or meals—or simply enjoying a pleasant cup of tea or coffee and chatting. Even our families are in sync with each other,…

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  • Every cloud has a silver lining Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

    i believe in looking for the silver lining in every situation in life, especially when things seem rough, simply because that is a great way to see the positive side, learn, and…

  • greeting card DIY vidya sury
    DIY The Red Carpet

    Greeting Card DIY With Birgit

    I love DIY. I believe it helps me grow my soul. There’s something else that touches my soul and that is people who give, without expecting anything in return. I am…

  • book review spirit recovery
    Book Review

    Book Review Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag

    Today, we have a book review of “Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living Happy, Joyous, and Free” by Corinne Rodrigues of Everyday Gyaan. Corinne is a Hyderabad-based blogger, writer,…