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    Dear World, I am Your Blind Date #SayYesToTheWorld #TheBlindList

    Dear World, I am Your Blind Date #SayYesToTheWorld #TheBlindList

    It was a dark and stormy night. Okay not night, but late evening. There was a massive storm raging. It uprooted trees, took down buildings and caused havoc. Traffic was severely disrupted. Neighbors worried about their folks out there, praying for their safe return home. Finally, around 6 pm, it subsided and settled down to rain. At our place, all of us were present. And busy trying to decide whether pakora or bajji would be better with ginger chai. A…

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  • Girl Power #DIY #Crafts #Travel
    DIY travel

    Girl Power

    During my trip to Ranchi last year, I visited the Hundru Falls (yes, post coming up). On the way back from the gorgeous waterfalls after a lovely morning, I saw a…

  • A trip to Chail, Himachal Pradesh

    A trip to Chail, Himachal Pradesh

    Every summer we try and plan a holiday. Of course, we shortlist places and then go crazy trying to zero in on one or two, or sometimes three. I have this…

  • Monkey Business Talakona Falls Tirupati

    Monkey Business

    Yes, you heard that right. No, Monkey Business isn’t a metaphor for something. It is actually about monkeys! I was sorting out my photos when I realized I had way more…

  • A fabulous trip to Channapatna and its toy factory #OlaRental #toys #incredibleindia #travel

    A Fabulous Trip to Channapatna

    As the time for my son’s visit home drew close, I started making plans, gloating on the three weeks we would be spending together. He usually has his own list of…

  • A memorable trip to Goa #traveldiaries #Goa

    A memorable trip to Goa

    These days I feel like a bit of a travel agent. Seriously. It seems like I am constantly browsing travel sites, looking for the best deals, waiting on them to get…