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Of wedding anniversaries, strollers and life

blessed to live through two decades with my best friend

Yesterday was our twentieth wedding anniversary. Yes, we missed our son, who’s away at college. It was a working day and both of us had our long to-do lists, but my husband, being the nice person he is, returned home earlier than usual so we could spend the time together. So yes, we were working, but it was nice to have each other around. We agreed to take a coffee break at 4.30. As we savored our cups of coffee,…

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soul mining vidya sury

Soul Mining

Sometimes it is good to stand still, let go, do nothing. Slow down, deviate from routine Unwind, clear the slate, grab a fresh bunch of color pencils And dream. Today is my nineteenth wedding anniversary and I feel blessed…

great dad sury and vidur

Raising a Toast to a #GreatDad

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. A Great dad. I’ve never known my dad. He abandoned my Mom when she was pregnant with me. You’d think that would embitter my Mom…

Vidya Sury love

With Love and Gratitude

We did not sleep well last night. Sury is down with the ‘flu. Vidur’s allergic dry cough is back with a vengeance and he had long bouts of coughing through the night. My injured leg suddenly became much worse…