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World Gratitude Day


10 ways to express gratitude

10 ways to express gratitude on World Gratitude Day Vidya Sury

When we take time to express gratitude and appreciate all the wonderful things we have in our lives, we are happier, healthier and at peace. And if, like me, you write a gratitude journal, you know exactly how it feels – joyous. Let’s celebrate World Gratitude Day today! Here are… Ten ways to express gratitude on World Gratitude Day Write a gratitude letter. Think of three people who have done something nice for you.  Write a letter to each one…

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Gratitude brings Peace. The best way to rpactice is through a gratitude journal. Vidya Sury

Gratitude Brings Peace #WorldGratitudeDay

Today, September 21, is World Gratitude Day. It is also International Day of Peace. Rather a nice combination, considering that Gratitude brings immense peace. Gratitude is the music of the heart, when its chords are swept by the breeze…