Scenes In Serenity

May 06

Scenes In Serenity

Remember I said I enjoy looking at photo albums as a way to lift my spirits or relieve stress and stay calm? Here is a set of pictures I always enjoy going back to. I shot these when I visited Hyderabad at a Buddhist Ashram. I went there with close friends, with whom I spent the day. Very memorable and beautiful trip. I feel blessed to have my friends and memories that make me happy.

The shrine of the ashram was at the top of the hill and once we got to the top, we had a breathtaking view of the city. My favorite city. My spiritual hometown. We enjoyed the view and each others’ company when we noticed, within the compound, far below us, a little disciple who arrived with a broomstick to sweep the dry leaves away. (Click the photos to see original size.)
From our vantage point, we saw that he was joined by another.
The two of them got on the job and it was so peaceful and serene, watching them.
Thank you, Sharifa
They, however did not have such an easy time.
Thank you, Sharifa
Besides gathering the leaves against the breeze, they were also working hard to keep their robes on.
Thank you, Sharifa

As we watched them from the top, we admired their persistence. For us, it was scenes in serenity. I love my friends. I’ve known them since seventh grade. And I am grateful we still share the same affectionate relationship. Here is a beautiful quote by Jennie Jerome Churchill, Winston Churchill’s Mother

“Treat your friends as you do your pictures, 
and place them in their best light”
And now, let us carry this glow of love over to Unknown Mami’s blog from where we can travel the world.
Unknown Mami
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Love, Vidya.
Say goodbye to stress. Enjoy life.

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  1. My Inner Chick /

    The little disciples are “magical.”

    I love the photos, dearst Vidya. Xxx

    Happy Sunday.

    • Dearest Kim, it was magical watching them from that height where we couldn’t hear much else than the gentle breeze and our own chatter. Thank you – these photos are very special to me!

  2. Bless those boys’ hearts – – – those brooms don’t appear to be the most effective brooms I’ve ever seen, and the wind, and loose robes – – – it was an uphill battle all the way!

    • Keetha :-) I think the boys were just being kept busy. Usually they have a rake sort of thing to gather the leaves. But I liked how they kept at it…we watched them for almost an hour.

  3. Loved the pics Vidya!

    You are lucky that you remember to carry the camera with you, something that I always forget and the kids are the ones who click the snaps with their mobiles, but those aren’t good enough. :)

    My dad was posted in Secunderbad for 3-4 years, so we’ve seen most of both the twin cities. But I guess we missed out on this Buddhist Ashram, and am happy to learn more about it here. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Harleena Singh /

      That was ages ago, I did my 12th from K.V. Picket in Secunderabad. And though we often visited Hyderbad, we used to go near about Golconda Fort as the army area was that end, so I think the ashram wasn’t there that time.

    • Harleena, I am a shutterbug. Not saying am a great photographer, mind you. But :D I love to click photos and so – a camera is part of my purse when I go out. I love to capture scenes that I can look at later. Which years were you in Sec’bad and where? :-) By the way, that Ashram is a recent development in Mahendra Hills. A beautiful place.

    • WOW! I like that, seriously! I lived very close to KV, Picket, Harleena! :D More on chat!

  4. Perhaps it was an exercise in perseverance and calm during averse situations. I don’t know if I wouldn’t have given up, to come back to the task another day.

    • I know what you mean, Tara. But I’ve seen the disciples at these ashrams do seemingly tedious and boring jobs with such devotion. I always think there is more to it than the actual job our eyes see. :-) So you may be right about the exercise in perseverance. Thank you for coming by!

  5. Very interesting pictures.

  6. Oh my Vidya, I am officially enchanted. What a precious, pristine glimpse into your culture! And coupling that with your lovely narrative about your dear friends. Enchantment! As is with most of your photos, I felt like I was right there. This just made my Sunday morning and went perfect with my french-vanilla coffee. Much love, my friend!

    • Terri dearest, some day we’ll be sitting at the same table with that french-vanilla coffee. It means so much to me that you enjoy these posts. Love you! Hugs!

  7. Lovely photos, Vidya! Seems like such an enchanting place. I would love to visit you sometime. Big hugs, lovely friend.

    • Rach dearest, you have a standing invite to visit me any time, stay with me and visit our nearby delights. I look forward to that eagerly. Big hugs back at you. Love you!

  8. It’s almost like watching a ballet. Lovely.

    • That is exactly what I thought as I watched them, Unknown Mami. :-) Somehow I am happy you said that! Love, Vidya

  9. I can see why you keep returning to these pictures to lift your spirits, they are so calming.

    • Yes, they are, del king. :-) Everything about them appeals to me – the color, the memory, what I was thinking and doing at the time…Wonderful experience. Thank you for coming by!

  10. What beautiful pictures, yes, you put your friends in the best light.

  11. Boys are boys everywhere! Beautiful pictures and what a view. Thanks!! Love your Jennie Churchhill quote by the way!

  12. Mami says it, like a ballet.
    Would be interesting to know what they were thinking…
    Have a good week ahead!

    • Yes, BLOGitse. I wondered that too. Because we were wayy up there and couldn’t hear anything happening down there. :-)

  13. “Treat your friends as you do your pictures,
    and place them in their best light”

    Loved these words, Vidya:)

  14. Flying robe, flying leaves, all they have is a pair of tiny hands, yet they persist :-)

    • Right, Purba. You know, we watched them for an hour…and then went down the hill to go back home. I don’t know how much longer they kept at it! :-) And they didn’t show any signs of irritation.

  15. I love the idea and I too love to look at photo albums. Pictures have always been a big part of my life. My walls are covered;)

    • That sounds lovely, Theresa. I am crazy about photos, too! So glad you came by!

  16. I don’t blame you. These beautiful shots make me feel happy, too.


  17. Lovely and fun series of pictures – Thank you Vidya!

  18. I can understand your fascination. There is something serene about sweeping leaves, and watching someone put order to chaos. The fact that they needed to learn to deal with their robes in the adverse conditions makes for an even more interesting scene.

    • Yes, I think that was it – there was more to it than just gathering leaves. :-) They were so serene, you know!

  19. Beautiful. It is serene just to see the pictures and see them taming the wind.

    • You know, Pamela, the whole ambiance was lovely. One of those memories I’d always go back to if I feel low!. Everything was beautiful about that afternoon!

  20. Hi Vidya,

    The photos are lovely. It made me think how special it is to look at old photos.

    It really is uplifting and can put a smile on my face instantly! :-)

    • You are right, Hiten! Looking at old photos is my most favorite mood-booster! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  21. Cathy | Treatment Talk| /

    Hi Vidya,

    Lovely scene. It does feel peaceful and serene!

  22. Vidya,

    I always love to visit Buddhist temples so thank you for the blessing of sharing these photos. Robes are complicated! It takes grace and style to wear them well so I imagine it is an art to grow into.

    • You are right, Sandra. I love how they all look composed and serene no matter what, and no matter how old they are. And they’re always smiling. It is so heart-warming! Thank you for coming by! Hugs!