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Busy, Busy Time!

by Vidya Sury November 15, 2007 0 comment

the last week has been amazingly hectic…november usually is – but more so this year.
i’ve not only been busy with work, but also a host of other things i am involved in. yesterday,
i did breathe a sigh of happy relief – well – happy childrens’ day – pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday is celebrated in my son’s school with a fancy dress competition and we had good fun. here are the pix. i had a lovely time with the kids and even had lunch with them. ah, took me right back to my own school days when things were so very different. they had regular school after the event and i got back home – i simply enjoyed tying those ten hands to my back with the trident in front of me and my helmet on – what fun it was to ride those 2 km stopping at three traffic lights and having people do a double take when they saw me! i laughed all the way home.
jai kali! actually my son wanted to do a sri prathyankara devi or a sri vekkali amman – but we were not sure whether people would recognize the names so we stuck to maha kali who – well – everyone worships. can you believe we have had that crown in the picture for 7 years now? i feel proud about the rather good job because we’ve lent it out various times and its still going strong. of course, have always been a whiz at making cut-outs of stuff – nevertheless, it always feels great when people comment on how well they have turned out. well….its been a satisfying time, i must say! nothing more exciting than making a huge group of kids happy.

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