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Don’t Jump!

by Vidya Sury September 2, 2010 0 comment

Don’t jump – especially into negative conclusions!

It is normal to go around with some level of anxiety or fear that others may think negatively of us. But when we perceive negativity or distress in another person, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that they are unhappy with us – or that we did something to cause them distress.

Never assume that. Find out if another person is truly unhappy with you or if there is something else that is bothering them. When you do this, you can prevent misunderstandings and a rift in your relationship.

Moreover, if you do find out that something else is bothering them, maybe you can offer them comfort or help them with the problem. Just empathy with the problems of another human being is good for others and – good for you!

Try it!

Here’s a cute cartoon:

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