Let’s take time to smell the flowers, today. Some are from my backyard, and some from other places.
All from my camera.


and….my own sweet sleepy flower, 6 years ago.

Kindly hosted by Unknown Mami every Sunday, Sunday In My City is my most favorite linky. Because I am fond of her and also, get to visit other city sights across the world from her blog. You can, too!

With love,

Vidya Sury

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  1. Someone is Special Reply

    beautiful clicks, சங்கு பூ ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கு, I was busy with my work that’s the reason I was unable to stop by here frequently..  I have a suggestion for your blog, (menu’s could have been better, color as well as the format), just my personal opinion..  and here is an invite 🙂 Hope you participate…
    Vidya,I would like to invite you to write for The Haiku Challenge 2012. The prompts are out, rules are set, and for details visit hereSomeone is Special

  2. Thank you, Saravana, that “sangu” flower is very special to me. It was the first in that creeper my mom planted. Same with the cream color hibiscus. I’ll check out the invite :-). Let’s have a separate discussion about the suggestions for the blog – what say? Gmail chat is fine for me. You know my email.

  3. Yes, Laurie! Keetha told me. I am eager to visit. I plan to do the rounds first thing tomorrow morning. 😀 That human flower – I love it too! Thank you for coming by!

  4. Someone else also made a tropical flower post today. We “ain’t” got no flowers up here in the snowy climes right now!!!

    All are gorgeous, especially that last one.

  5. Lauriematherne Reply

    Our posts are alike, today, Vidya. Tropical blooming flowers. Except I didn’t post a human flower. Love it. 

  6. All from your camera — all beautiful. Especially your most precious flower!


  7. terrisonoda Reply

    Ah, my friend, you capture my heart when you photograph flowers!   I love the colors!  It makes me miss my flower gardens I used to grow when we lived in Ohio some 6  years ago.  Beautiful pictures.  Thanks for sharing!  XOXOs

  8. My Inner Chick Reply

    AHhhh, Vidya,
    The only flower missing is “YOU.”

    Love the photos, especially, your sweet angel.

  9. I was going to say that the bursts of yellow were my favorite until I got to the last picture and then there was just no competion. Thanks for the smiles.

  10. Ahhh…the first specks of colour I’ve seen all season.
    Lovely. They warm my heart on this very very very cold Canadian day 😉

  11. Life with Kaishon Reply

    All the flowers are so pretty but I love YOUR own flower the best of all! How cute!

  12. Rachel @ Totally Ovar It Reply

    The last one is my favorite!  Beautiful photos, Vidya!  Thank you for for sharing.

  13. Gardens and flowers are so soothing, Terri. I love our local market best – the smells of different types of flowers is intoxicating. Hugs and thanks for your comment!

  14. Thanks, Unknown Mami – that one’s my favorite too. And the close up of the yellow one (the 6th picture). My Mom used to love those.

  15. Thanks, Kimberly – and thanks again for you know what 😀 Still trying to synchronize some comments. 😀 Hope you had a good weekend!

  16. Thanks, Becky (I hope I got your name right! :-)). You have the most gorgeous blog! Being a Mom rocks 😀

  17. Sheila! Thanks for being here – those are my favorites too. I can never tire of the texture on the big yellow one. It stays fresh for a week, almost. 

  18. Oooooooo love these, beautiful!!!  Your son is precious… and OMG that one big yellow one?  That’s amazing Vidya, love that one!

  19. They’re all pretty, but I like your sweet, sleepy flower best. Precious!

    What are the red and yellow flowers though? I think they’re in the 9th picture and they’re gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like them!

  20. Flower power rocks! I hope your sleepy flower woke up already.. 🙂 Have a great week!

  21. How beautiful it all looks!  Next Sunday I’m going to post our trip up in the snow!  Just the opposite of your lovely flowers!!

  22. Hi Betsy! thanks for your comment – I am looking forward to seeing the snow through your pictures!

  23. Hey Emily! Good to see you back – hope you had a great holiday! I am trying to find out the name for those flowers – there’s an abundance of them at the children’s park where I photographed them. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from my friend who is an expert with plant names 🙂 I do know the name of the sleepy flower, though 😉

  24. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell Reply

    So nice to see those happy flower pops of color. It’s a horribly dreary day here today!

  25. These flowers give off a wonderful light, beautiful macro photos with delicious colors. Greetings.

  26. You have a very beautiful garden!!! Miss having colorful blooms the whole year round!!!

  27. So happy you’re here, Lisa. 😀 that last one is my most favorite! You know how I look forward to your blog updates!

  28. Wow – that sounds like a plan, Arvind. I hope you won’t be too tired to join me in my next edition of Sunday In My City tomorrow. I promise you an enjoyable trip 🙂 from the comfort of your computer screen!

  29. Vidya, thanks for sharing your lovely images!

    Tomorrow (SUnday) morning, I plan to visit Regents Park which is near me here in central London. I am looking forward to seeing the early daffodils:-)

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