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Writing, Being #WriteMyCommunity

by Vidya Sury October 20, 2014 2 comments
national day on writing

I weaned myself off the digital world last week. Oh yes, I posted here. But writing is the easiest part of blogging, isn’t it? Then the weekend arrived. Family was home. A good time was had by all, as we caught up with the week’s leftover stuff and simply enjoyed being with each other.

My weekend was filled with books, cooking, writing and peace.

Sometimes it is good to just be.

Did you know it is National Day On Writing today? This year, the NCTE encourages you to “focus your writing on your community in any way you see fit.” So go ahead and celebrate writing in all its forms: through photos, film, and graphics; with pens, pencils, and computers; in graphs, etchings, and murals; on sidewalks, screens, and paper.

Check out the website of the National Writing Project and if you wish, participate.

Over the years, I love how blogging has become a good portion of my writing. It complements what I do for a living and it connects me with a large community, which is really the best part. Or I might as well be writing in my diary, right?

The most wonderful thing is how my offline and online communities connect, via my blogs. Naturally, much of what I write has to do with my life, its people and our interactions. I enjoy walking around my area, taking pictures and sharing them here. So just for fun, let me answer NWP’s question today:

“What do people need to know about your community?”

Currently I live in one of India’s pleasantest cities, known for its fabulous weather throughout the year. The locality we live in is one of the oldest in the city, known for its beauty, ancient temples, old bungalows, markets and of course people. It is home to some eminent personalities that include Nobel laureates, world champions, writers, scholars, musicians and poets, film stars and educationists. Our neighborhood also ranks as one of the best school districts in the city. Our area is a hub for cultural activities throughout the year. People from all over the city visit the market in our area which is reputed to sell the best of everything from spices to precious stones. Oh yes, we also have our Malls, Cinemas, the World Trade Center and the Indian Institute of Science, one of the top research institutes in the world. Naturally, buying real estate in our area is only a dream.

But let me tell you ten things I love best about my community I live in. Better yet, let me make that a list:

  1. The friendly people.
  2. My neighbors. There, but not in our hair. I love the togetherness during festivals and the celebrations.
  3. The buzzing activity almost 24 x 7
  4. The facilities – be it eateries, shops, pharmacies- everything is within walking distance. Figures why we don’t have a car. We walk everywhere.
  5. The parks, the trees. Oh, the trees! And we have “Sampige” trees, no less, whose flowers fill the area with their fragrance. We have an entire road named after these trees. When my son was little, he enjoyed picking up the petals from the sidewalk and bringing them home to place in a bowl. Our famous market has an entire corner selling different varieties of these flowers. Can you imagine the invasion on my senses when I walk past it? Why, we have a tiny plant inside our compound which surprised us with 4-5 flowers! They vanished quickly, but I got to see them before they disappeared. national day on writing
  6. The sight of the carpet of flowers on the roads before the municipal workers hurry to clean it up.national day on writing
  7. The proximity of my son’s school
  8. The lake with the walking rink nearby.national day on writing
  9. The market, of course. Even when there’s nothing to buy, it is a pleasure to walk through them. Especially during festivals.
  10. The relationship I enjoy with everyone and the smiles exchanged. Every. Single. Day.

Will you celebrate National Day on Writing with me?

What do you love about your community?

Linking up with Unknown Mami for Sundays In my City and loving it.

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JustHeather October 20, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Sounds like a beautiful city! I love magnolia trees and their flowers. That is a smell that brings back memories!!

How funny, without even knowing, I wrote a bit of something about my “community” today also.
JustHeather recently posted…#MicroblogMonday – Foreign, Languages

richmiraclefiles October 21, 2014 at 7:25 pm

Its graet to hear about your love for your city.Especially the part where you talk about the community aspect.
Its fabulous to have vibrant communities in a social structure ,be they villages,cities,countries,or humanity as such.
Talking of communities, I have just found a cry for help in a little 3 year old kid.Her single mother cannot afford the cost of a life saving surgery that kid needs.the kid’s name is Twisha and she is appealing to the world for some contribution for her recovery.You may find further details at my blog richmiraclefiles.blogspot.in.


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