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Considering a mini-vacation in a budget hotel in Bangalore?

by Vidya Sury April 22, 2015 1 comment
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One of the fun things about living in Bangalore is that it almost always seems like a permanent vacation. Oh, I work, I blog (that’s a lot of work too!) and have a whole lot of activities. Still, it is probably because I work from home – I am generally considered the “travel agency” by my family and friends, especially when it omes to booking budget hotels in Bangalore. They find my intense research amusing. But hey, I am an information junkie and suffer from infobesity!

Some budget hotels in Bangalore are quite good.I enjoy checking out hotels particularly around our area as I secretly feel happy about visiting becoming easier. The last thing we need when our guests have a tight schedule is to have them wasting time commuting.

When someone in the family or a friend is visiting our city, I get all excited about making their stay arrangements. Close friends and family are usually houseguests, but there are occasions when they prefer staying in a hotel, especially if they are here officially and on work.

Besides the fact that Bangalore is full of hotels to stay in to suit every possible budget, our area has some really great ones. I remember how, when we lived in a different city, we really enjoying staying in these hotels. Naturally we have favorites.

There is one in our area, that we usually prefer to book for our guests called The Basil. Besides its fabulous food, it offers pleasantly furnished rooms. The staff is very courteous and helpful and we’ve always enjoyed going there for a meal. The bonus is the discounts they offer since we’re regulars there. The biggest advantage is its central location making everything easily accessible.

Some days when we need a desperate break, I often dream of checking into one of our favorite hotels for a couple of days for a mini-vacation. So many advantages – no travel, no ticket booking – just walk in, stay and check out, and go home!.

One of our family friends, a very busy businessman often used to do that with his family. He would go book a suite in one of the 5 star or 3 star hotels in Bangalore and while his family had fun, he would take small breaks to attend to his business. We used to find it hilarious – as their son would phone us frequently from the hotel to tell us how he was enjoying himself. I used to think – what a brilliant idea and a win-win for all concerned.

I have a strong feeling that this idea might possibly sell with us this year. I am keen on checking out one of the self-check-in hotels here – my husband has stayed in one of those and found them pretty good. Although, every time I consider this, something really surprising comes up. Let’s see. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Birgit April 24, 2015 at 6:55 am

Isn’t it great to find great hotels that are budget friendly, clean, good food and courteous. It is great to help people out when they travel
Birgit recently posted…T is for Gene Tierney


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