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7 easy ways to plan an exciting dream trip and travel in style

by Vidya Sury October 31, 2020 1 comment
7 easy ways to plan an exciting dream trip and travel in style

To be clear, I really doubt if I’ll do some of the things I am going to fantasize about, but hey, no harm dreaming about how to travel in style, right?

One of the things I am sorely missing during this pandemic is travel. While I usually prefer to keep an eye on the budget, I’ve often wondered what it might be like to go all out and you know, what if money was no object.

That “what if . . .” is a great trigger to daydream and well, if I can’t actually travel, there is no limit to dreaming, is there?

Travel is a great opportunity to see the world, meet different people and experience different cultures. In fact, this year, I had actually contemplated a trip abroad. Sadly, that’s out of the question now.

Life is too short to always be careful, what with so many places out there to discover and explore. So why not do it in style? Whether it is a weekend city trip to Rome or a luxury vacation in Bali, here are 7 ways to amp it up and travel in style. And for once, not worry about that wallet.

This may or may not have been triggered by the “treat yo’self” episode from Parks and Recreation!

Here are 7 ways to plan that exciting dream trip – and look stylish when you travel!

1. Find Ways to Upgrade Your Travel

Upgrading your travel is a great way to treat yourself and to spend a little bit in order to get the works. The type of travel you’re doing will depend on what upgrades are available.

For example, if you’re thinking of traveling by air, then you may want to see what benefits are available from booking with certain flight providers. Do they have perks that you can take advantage of as a customer? If you’re a flight club member, you may get upgrades from one cabin level to another. It can be a great opportunity to not only travel in style but to travel more comfortably.

Going above economy even just to the next level can make your trips a lot more exciting, especially for really long flights that you would like to catch up on your sleep or maybe just binge-watch your favorite shows.

2. Spend A Little Extra on Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the things that you can splurge and really treat yourself. When I plan my travel, I usually look for decent, clean stay options but the last couple of times, I decided to choose luxury stay. In palaces. Really! And I am glad I did, what with the cold, rainy weather—because we could stay in, cozily, and enjoy great room service in beautiful surroundings.

Look at what options are available in terms of accommodation. Sometimes it IS good to spend a little extra. And many hotel chains have a membership opportunity for you to save and spend points on, and if you have any of those now is the time to take advantage of it.

For independent hotels, look out for any deals that they might have. Look for free upgrades while checking in. Sometimes you just have to ask to receive. Not everything is always advertised.

3. Charter A Helicopter Ride

We found this option when we visited Himachal Pradesh. At the time, we thought the pricing was a little steep, but with the weather being what it was, we found ourselves actually contemplating the helicopter ride. Also, we heard a lot of good things about this from people at the hotel we stayed in. With that being said, it’s worth knowing how does the helicopter charter process work. They can be a great opportunity to have a unique experience but to also travel to more remote locations. This can be a unique experience–a great way to travel in style–and something to remember!

4. Get A Tour Guide Local to The Area

I used to think the best way to travel is just wander around and I always did my homework about the place before arriving there, so that we could make the most of the trip. I would look for recommendations online from those who live there about what there is to do or from those who’ve already visited and made suggestions on what’s best to do.

But sometimes, when we go to a new place, it is worthwhile to consider a local tour guide, discuss an itinerary and let them take over. We’ve done that a couple of times and it was great. Often, the hotels we stay in have their contacts and help with the planning.  It is a good experience!

7 easy ways to plan an exciting dream trip and travel in style

5. Shop For A Vacation Wardrobe

Perhaps one of my favorite trip preparation items on my list! When it comes to shopping for a vacation wardrobe, you want to get everything you need, for your trip away. Your usual wardrobe content might not have everything you need and so it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping–if you needed one, that is!

Depending on your destination, make a list of what you need. Consider these points: whether there’s a lot of walking to do, current weather, whether you’ll be “fine-dining” and so on.  It’s better to pack a bit more than a little less as your clothes can often get a bit dirtier when it comes to wearing them throughout the day, especially if you enjoy walking around as much as I do!

6. Rent A Luxury Car

I used to argue about this all the time, saying we should get into the spirit of the place and use local transport or walk around. But then again, this depends on where you are going. Some fantastic vacation destinations do not have local transport and there is no option but to hire a car. It makes sense, too and saves a lot of stress.

Sometimes it is also practical to hire a care if you are traveling from city to city and doing a road trip type of vacation. Hire a car that is reliable, comfortable and comes with the extra trappings.  Also, it will give you the flexibility to stop wherever you want, whenever you want.

7. Treat Yourself to Some Experiences

On one of my trips, after I checked in at the airport, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my ticket entitled me to luxury lounge services. This included, if I so wished, a number of spa treatments. Regrettably, my waiting time was not that long and I opted for a foot massage. Felt really good, as I had been traveling since early that morning.

Later, when I arrived at my destination, my hotel stay included all kinds of amazing things on the premises including local sightseeing trips. Sadly, I couldn’t even look at any of them as our schedule was tight.

And ever since, I’ve been wondering what it might be like to simply relax and enjoy all those things. So, when it comes to treating yourself, it’s good to take advantage of the opportunities that you might not otherwise get back at home. Maybe this includes seeing the local wildlife and other adrenaline-fueled experiences that you can’t get back in your home country. It’s worth exploring what’s available around you and what you’re willing to do. Look at all your options and have a wonderful and memorable time!

Traveling in style is something you should certainly treat yourself to every once in a while. We work hard for a living, so why not occasionally indulge in fantasizing and then setting about making it come true?

So, start planning that lovely dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. Then when it is possible to travel, treat yourself.

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