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How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Space (9 tips)

by Vidya Sury April 12, 2022 1 comment
How to choose the perfect rug for your space

Years ago, when my mom and I moved to a new city and were setting up our home, we decided to go rug shopping for the perfect rug for our space.  As we set out to choose the perfect rug, turned out that it was easier said than done.

The variety in terms of the material, shapes, colors, and maintenance was mind-boggling—not to mention the price range. We finally did find the perfect rug.

Today, when I was preparing to put our rugs away for the summer, I couldn’t help but reminisce about our shopping experience back then.

The simple truth is that two spaces are not the same. Every room in a house or a commercial building is designed for a specific person and to meet a certain style. In most cases, the decisions are personal, ensuring that the space doesn’t just look personal, it reflects the individual’s style and taste.

That’s why, whether you’re looking for the latest Missamara designer rugs or simply want a cheap floor covering, you have to spend some time considering the following. It will help to ensure you choose the perfect rug for your space.

Also—regardless of whether you decide to shop online or go out a visit a few stores, the criteria to choose the perfect rug for your space remain pretty much the same.

Here are nine tips to choose the perfect rug for your space

1. Consider The Space Available to determine the size of the rug

The first thing you need to think of when choosing a rug is the space you have available. The common approach to rugs is that they fill a large area of the space and are centrally placed.

Most people will tell you that a living room rug should be large enough to accommodate all the legs of the couches and associated coffee table. Of course, the furniture should never be resting against the wall.

If the room is not large enough then you may wish to have just the front legs of the couches on the rug, it still helps to tie the room together.

You also want to think about whether there are doorways and space for the door to open, whether there are floor HVAC grilles that must be left open or if there’s a fireplace with a hearth.

Then there’s the issue of circulation around your seating areas—it can be really annoying to walk along a rug’s perimeter.

You can also think of using a smaller rug that stops just under the sofas’ and chairs’ front feet. Bear in mind that if there are end tables and floor lamps near the rug, they should be fully on or off the rug to avoid the issue of imbalance.

Take the time to consider how you use the space. It may be preferable to have a smaller rug in the center, between couches, or several rugs making a pathway through the room.

You may even be thinking about a rug in front of the fire to relax on.

Looking at the space you have available and what you want the rug to do will help you to decide how big the rug needs to be.

For example, in his room, my son uses a rug just for his computer table and chair, leaving the rest of the floor bare to show off the wood flooring.

2. Budget

An important consideration when choosing a rug is: what budget do you have available? The best rugs are designer rugs and they cost more than your average offering. However, the additional cost will get you thicker rugs that are of higher quality.

That means that the higher price is a trade against plusher rugs which feel better to the touch and are likely to last longer—thereby making them an investment.

It’s worth looking at the budget you have available and reviewing how much your preferred rugs are. You may decide to wait a little longer in order to increase your budget and get the perfect rug for your space or simply go with your chosen budget.

3. Brightness

Rugs can be bright, bold, and cheerful, adding warmth to your home. They can also be neutral and functional. Both are valid choices; you’ll need to consider what the space is going to be used for before you can decide whether to go bright and bold or not.

Incorporated in this is looking at the various patterns available. There are plenty of plain rugs in the market but there are just as many with swirling patterns, stripes, flowers, and an assortment of other options.

Consider which will go best with your existing décor. Don’t forget to think about how likely it is you’ll change your décor as this will affect your choice of rug.

How to choose the perfect rug

4. Material

The choice in material is practically unlimited when you are trying to choose the perfect rug for your space. Just to name a few, you’ll come across cotton, linen, jute, wool, animal hide, silk, and synthetic materials such as acrylic and nylon, besides nonwoven rugs. You’ll also come across eco-friendly rugs.

Of course, each rug comes with its own unique look and feel and features—in terms of price, durability, and maintenance.

Wool is rather popular and can present different types of looks. It is also more expensive than plant-based materials. However, it is cozier and resists stains, and is quite durable.

You’ll come across a combination of materials and textures and while making your choice, also think about how easy the rug is to clean spills.

That being said, depending on the space you plan to cover, review the material and how much time you can spare for maintenance.

5. Durability

Think about where the rug is going. A hallway rug will see a lot more traffic than a bedroom one. You don’t want to spend a lot on a rug only to find it is threadbare in a few months. How durable is the material and how well will it survive in its chosen position?

If you’re not sure about specific materials or rugs you can look up durability online or do a poll on social media with people to assess how well their rugs have performed. It will help you to choose the right one for high traffic areas.

Don’t forget to look at whether they are stain-resistant or easy to wash. This is especially relevant if you have children and are likely to have items spilled on your rug. Being able to clean them efficiently and properly is a bonus.

6. Layering

Should you be struggling to decide which rug is right for you then it is possible to layer rugs. This simply means buying several ones and placing the smaller ones on top of the larger ones. It creates a layered effect which makes a good focal point and will make any room feel warmer.

Layering is a great way to add colors, textures, and patterns to a room while retaining the ability to change them easily. It’s also a good way of using a series of softer rugs on top of a durable one. The base one will actually help protect the other rugs from damage!

7. Think About Shapes

Rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be a good idea to look at the different options. This makes the rug more than just a functional item. It can make a statement or simply make a space more fun. It can even help the rug tie in with a theme.

Take a look at the various styles available and picture them in your home. You may be surprised at the difference it can make.
Jute rug- choose the perfect rug

8. Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

Spare a few moments to look at indoor-outdoor rugs. Rugs that can be used outside as well as inside are generally more durable. This can make them a great option, particularly when there are children around. The best quality outdoor rugs can look and feel just as good as indoor rugs and are a lot easier to look after.

9. Maintenance

Finally, remember to check how much maintenance a rug needs to keep it looking its best. There is a big difference between regularly vacuuming it and needing to beat it every other day.

Make sure you know and are comfortable with the maintenance required before you choose the perfect rug for your space.

9 tips to choose the perfect rug for your space - home decor

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Man Cave Rugs May 5, 2022 at 9:44 pm

There are plenty of rug options, but knowing some basic information about rugs will help you narrow down your search. Size is one of the most important factors to consider since not all rugs are made to measure. Your space will look odd with a rug that is too small. Rugs also vary by material, so you can choose between synthetic, wool, natural, etc., which will determine how much maintenance you will need to give the rug.

In my opinion, the material of the carpet is the most important factor.
Man Cave Rugs recently posted…Man Cave Furniture – The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Furniture


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