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7 Best Handbags for Busy Moms – A Buying Guide

by Vidya Sury June 27, 2024 0 comment
7 best handbags for busy moms - woman raising laughing child in her arms

Becoming a mom is a hugely transformative experience filled with endless responsibilities and love that only parenthood can bring. During this time, you quickly learn that having a versatile and reliable handbag is worth its weight in gold.

Whether you are a new mom venturing out with your precious bundle of joy, trying to wrangle your wild toddlers in the park, or driving your teens to their after-school activities, finding the perfect handbag to suit your personal needs, with enough space to carry any essentials your children may need while still having compartments for your vape, lipgloss, and electronics is easier than ever.

I can personally endorse that you can never have too many handbags. So let’s look at…

7 best handbags for busy moms

Tote Bag

If you want a bag similar to a diaper bag but slightly more stylish and can still be used when you aren’t on mom duty, a spacious tote bag will tick all your boxes. Their convenient design means plenty of space to fit all your child’s essentials and still have space for your own.

Tote bags are available in multiple sizes and materials, but investing in a durable and simple-to-maintain option, like leather or faux leather, is worthwhile. After all, you can never quite predict what might happen when you’re with kids, so it is best to be prepared.

Crossbody Bag

All moms should have a high-quality and stylish crossbody bag in their wardrobe arsenal, especially for days spent out in nature or running errands around town. By design, crossbody bags are typically lightweight and fairly compact, meaning they lack capacity space compared to most other bags.

However, they guarantee you are always hands-free and keep your essentials on you. The Abanu bag from Kipling is a fantastic crossbody bag for those in the market for something new. It has a front and back zip pocket separate from the main interior space. Although it may look small, it can hold a surprisingly large number of items, ideal for taking you from an afternoon at the park with your children to a night out with friends.

Shoulder Bag

For the active mom in you, the Herschel shoulder bag is a perfect blend of a high-quality backpack and easy-to-organize compartments. This sleek and functional handbag, available in various colors, is a stylish companion for your busy lifestyle.

The internal space is divided into multiple storage slots, with space to accommodate a 17’’ laptop. The handles are padded to ensure a comfortable fit and a detachable shoulder strap is included. Furthermore, each side of the bag is fitted with hook buckles to attach to any stroller, and a large, easy-to-clean changing mat is included with the bag.

7 best handbags for busy moms- grey and black leather handbag

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags have a slouchier shape than tote bags, oozing relaxed and casual vibes while maintaining a desirable level of practicality. This type of design is traditionally offered in medium or large size, meaning you won’t be short on space for anything and everything you may need to carry on any given day.

The H&M shoulder bag is a stylish combination of luxury leather and high-quality fabric, offering an incredibly chic and functional handbag. Its open interior compartment makes things easily accessible on the go.


For most people, there is no more practical bag option than a backpack, especially for those who are constantly on the move. Backpacks are designed to distribute weight evenly across both shoulders, making it easier to carry heavy loads around for longer.

Furthermore, they free up both hands, allowing you to easily carry your baby, push a stroller, or hold your children’s hand while strolling through the park or around a shopping mall. For a long-term investment, choose an option that prioritizes quality stitching, strong riveting, and durable materials that are easy to maintain.

Belt Bag

When it comes to practicality, belt bags are a mom’s best friend. Whether you wear them across your chest or around your waist, they offer unmatched convenience, especially when you’re juggling multiple tasks or chasing after little ones.

The style you ultimately choose largely depends on your personal preference. However, Lululemon has released one of the most popular belt bags in recent history. Well-known for its numerous pockets and its deceptively large capacity, it is available in multiple different shades and patterns.

7 best handbags for busy moms - woman carrying green and brown handbag

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are specifically designed to make life easier for moms with newborn babies. They are fit to carry diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, extra clothes and clothes, and anything else you may need during the early days of parenthood. While diaper bags are primarily similar in design, looking for an option that prioritizes a handful of key features is worthwhile.

Select a bag with multiple interior compartments alongside a large central space. This will make it much easier to locate items as you need them. Also, choose one that includes insulated pockets for feeding bottles, convenient changing pads, and an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable and secure carry.

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