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    Mindful Living #AtoZChallenge

    Vidya Sury A to Z Challenge

    There you go! I actually wrote my A to Z Challenge theme reveal post today in a waiting room. Yes, there were websites – with spiders – and we enjoyed watching them go about their job! Now, the transcript of those handwritten notes: Little did I think I would be writing my A to Z Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal post, waiting at the passport office – waiting, in fact, to be harassed with nothing to show fo rit after several hours…

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  • vidya sury yardsticks
    #AtoZChallenge personal development


    Yardsticks Yes, setting standards for ourselves to measure up to. And the measures we use to judge others. I remember, from a very early age, I had a tendency to want…

  • collecting smiles vidya sury
    #AtoZChallenge happiness

    Xeroxing Smiles

    X. Hmm. Imagine next Monday we’ll all be talking about our Blogging from A to Z Challenge experience, eh? Sigh. For X, last year I wrote about Xenodochial and today I…