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Vidya Sury Celebrating
Incredible India

Celebrating Art and My Cultural Roots

I had the most glorious weekend – it was a long weekend that started on Friday, in anticipation and ended on Sunday, in happiness. But let me begin at the beginning – because isn’t that a good place to…

Leather Puppetry Vidya Sury
Incredible India

Leather Puppetry An Ancient Indian Art Form

Yesterday when I opened the newspaper in the morning I was thrilled to see the 10-day crafts fair was back at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. I’d written about this last year around this time and we had resolved to…

Vidya Sury A Walk To Remember
Incredible India Mindful Living

A Walk to Remember

I am seriously thinking of making it a regular thing to go out somewhere during the weekend, even if it is a half-day outing! I realized that all I had to do was schedule an errand and once that…

Iconography in Hinduism om
Incredible India The Red Carpet

Iconography In Hinduism

The prompt “People” opened up so many possibilities for posts that I ended up writing six semi-drafts. In typical style, I was in a dilemma over which one to finish when I saw something that took my breath away.…

Recipe for Happiness
Happiness Incredible India Travel

Recipe For Happiness

“Recipe for Happiness” – the phrase just popped up in my mind today.  My life has drastically changed over the last couple of weeks and it feels as though one day is blending into another, even as I run…

Colors of Life Pattachitra
Incredible India Travel

Colors of Life

In the middle of all the love, peace and happiness work we’re involved in, I managed to get an unexpected break and visit a crafts fair near our place en route to running an errand. It was a delightful…