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Where is your focus?

Where is your focus

So, there was this teacher who asked her students to get ready for a surprise test. Of course, the students groaned good-naturedly because who likes surprise tests? Assuring them it would be quite simple as they waited at their desks anxiously, she handed out the question papers face-down, as usual. After all the students received their question papers, she asked them to turn the page and begin. The students turned the paper and to their surprise, there were no questions.…

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Enjoy the goodness of life Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

The Goodness of Life

Today, take time to pause and breathe. Enjoy a small dose of positivity via this beautiful poem. The Goodness of Life Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful.…

Giving Gratitude

The Joy of Living is in Giving

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” I was going through my archives and came across the “Joy of Giving” week and found that we’re right in the middle of…

Compassionate Parenting Vidya Sury

The Joy Of Compassionate Parenting

As a parent I tend to view my life as a two-phase thing. BV and V. Before Vidur and Vidur. Such is the transformation a baby brings. I fondly recall the day when I discovered I was pregnant. I…